Saturday, 5 November 2011

Just a little over 6 more hours left.... AND we also need your help!!!

After staying up to who-knows-when (at least for Janelle and Janita 3AM) watching movies and talking the youth all went to bed... 1AM it was lights out for most.

This morning you know when you are at a home with teenagers when everyone is sleeping until noon.... So far only a few youth are up and awake.

Early this morning  Hannah and Garret had to go. Work and school related. But Garret promise not to eat for the 24 hours :) We are praying for strength for Garret that he will be able to do it by himself!

Breakfast for this morning: Water, Juice, and Ice cubes.... yummy !

A shout out to all of our youth, parents and other sponsors!!! We need your help!We are only $36 dollars away from reaching our goal of $1000. You can still sponsor us! If you haven't sponsored yet and would like to help us please phone the Slingerlands and let us know!

Only 6 more hours and 3 minutes to go :)

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