Friday, 4 November 2011

Today is the day!

Starting today at 5PM 6 amazing youth will fast for 24 hours for a Word and Deed Mission!
Join us as we do hourly updates, pictures and have some of the youth write blogs on how they are doing.

And rememeber all of the money we raise for the Manja Safe House will be sent to Word and Deed Missions to be used for the girls at the house :D 

Here is a story about one of the girls... It makes you really think and how the world in Malawi works...

One of these girls was accused by the pastor of her church. He claimed that the Lord had shown him that she was a witch. The church beat her until the police intervened. She was unconscious for four days and when she had improved enough to leave she was not accepted by her relatives.
This home provides these girls with a safe haven from abuse, counselling, an introduction to biblical truth, and reintegration into society. Through prayer and counselling, all four of the practicing witches have rejected what is, for them, a type of religion.
Although Frank foresees these girls remaining in the project for a couple of years he feels that they have made great strides. They have counselled and educated the families that these girls come from, and are facilitating short visits between the girls and their families. It's their hope that eventually they will be able to launch an awareness campaign that will educate the broader Malawian community.

Please pray that...
- the four girls who were actually involved with witchcraft would see how evil it is and leave it completely behind
- the Holy Spirit would work repentance in the hearts of the girls at the home through the presentation of God's Word to them
- their emotional and physical hurts would be healed
- reconciliation with the girls families would be possible
- the project would be a means of witnessing to the girls' families and that God would bless those efforts
- Malawian society would be informed of the cruelty being done to children who are suspected of witchcraft and that the would rally against it
- wisdom would be given to Frank Phiri and Pastor Goliat (the counselors of the girls) and to Violet and Alinafe (the "matrons" of the house, or the ladies who live with the girls and act as guardians)
- there would be camaraderie in the home
- there would be safety at the home
And of the youth that will be fasting to 24 hours for these girls.

God bless!

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